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Get serious about your goals with an expert coach

  • Educational background-

    • BS in Physiology

    • MS in Exercise Science

    • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)

    • Level 1 certified nutrition coach by Precision Nutrition (Pn1)

  • Experience-

    • Over 5 years of experience working as a nutritionist and personal trainer

    • A proven track record of helping people reach their goals

    • Nutritional consultant for a US Olympic training facility

    • OCB Professional natural bodybuilder

    • Coached a wide range of clientele; physique athletes, powerlifters, weightlifters, wrestlers, fat loss clients, and more

  • Science-based-

    •  I'm not selling any BS supplements, detoxes, fad diets, "special tricks", magic pills, or short-cuts

    • I implement smart, flexible, and sustainable approaches that are proven to work and that are backed by science

    • Committed to further education and staying on top of the latest research

Why hire me?


Select a plan tailored to your needs

Nutrition Coaching


  • Individualized nutrition plan

  • Progress tracking spreadsheet

  • Weekly check-ins

  • Daily access to coach

Comprehensive Coaching


  • Individualized nutrition & training program

  • Progress tracking spreadsheet

  • Exercise video analysis

  • Weekly check-ins

  • Daily access to coach

Training-Only Coaching


  • Individualized training program

  • Data tracking spreadsheet

  • Exercise video analysis

  • Weekly check-ins

  • Daily access to coach

Comprehensive Coaching

This is by far the most popular coaching service that I offer and if you're serious about your goals then it's definitely the best option for you.

I handle all aspects of coaching that are required to get you to your desired goals, including a personalized nutrition plan, training programming, video analysis of your exercises, weekly check-ins, adjustments, ongoing support and communication. Everything that you get with my individual nutrition and training coaching is included in the comprehensive coaching (read below for more info).

Nutrition Coaching

Nutrition is a critical aspect to any goal, whether it's fat loss, improved health, muscle building, increased strength and performance, making weight for a weight-class sport, or prepping for a physique competition. 

I utilize flexible science-based approaches to dieting that are individualized to your lifestyle, preferences, needs, and goals. Focusing on education, habit change, and accountability, my mission is to coach you to your goals while creating an effective and sustainable way of eating that will serve you for life. You'll get a personalized nutrition program, a progress tracking spreadsheet, weekly check-ins, adjustments, ongoing communication and support.

Note: I am not a registered dietitian, I do not provide medical nutrition therapy, provide any medical advice or health-related counseling

Training-Only Coaching

If you're confident with your nutrition but your progress in the gym has stalled, you're workouts are getting stale, or you simply need more accountability and structure in your training,  then this is the perfect plan for you. 

Training programming is custom made to each clients time and equipment availability, experience level, and specific goals, whether you're aiming to build muscle, increase your strength, or lose body fat. I don't give out templates or one-size-fits-all programs. Everything is individualized to your own unique needs and rate of progression, making it much more effective than generalized programs. 

You'll receive an individualized training program, a progress tracking spreadsheet, exercise video analysis, weekly check-ins, adjustments, and ongoing support and communication to ensure consistent progress.


How to get started

1. Fill out the short application


The application will ask you about your goals, your training history, and what services you are interested in

2. I will contact you 


After reviewing your application, I will reach out to you and send a more detailed questionnaire to learn more. We'll schedule a follow-up phone call, FaceTime, or Skype session to talk in more depth

3. We find the best plan for you and get started!


During our consult session, we'll discuss your questionnaire, figure out the best plan of action for you, and go over pricing. If it sounds like the right fit, and I don't scare you away, we can get started on the coaching process!


Here's what my clients say


Absolutely professional in terms of presentation and delivery of the information. I could not be happier with the level of detail provided and the quality of the content, truly exceeded my expectations. In addition, communication has been wonderful, I’ve always received prompt and thorough answers to my questions. A true professional.


For several years I struggled to find the diet and plan that I could succeed at. Nothing really fit my lifestyle, and then Isaac started coaching me and it all just clicked.

His online strength plans and nutrition templates are extremely easy to follow and if I ever have any questions he's always willing to chat with me and answer them. This has been the easiest program to follow mentally and I've made the best progress physically. I'm stronger, healthier, and more aware of how I should be treating my body. Not only did I get a strength and nutrition program, but I got a great coach to support me mentally and hold me accountable.


Isaac is great! Very knowledgeable and insightful with weightlifting, making sure you’ll see progress as long as you put the work in. Also very easy to communicate with and gets back to you in a short period of time every time. The program layout on Google sheets is great and easy to follow as well! 15/10 recommend Triumph


Isaac Wedig changed my life.

I was able to lose over 100 lbs in just over 6 months. All while maintaining a management position in a busy field and with a new born baby at home! It isn’t just the program though, Isaac is always there to answer questions, to keep an eye on progression, and he’s honestly as invested in your progress as you are. I CAN NOT recommend this enough, even if you’re just thinking about making a change, you owe it to yourself to try.

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